Our Story
In March 2017, I launched my first crowdfunding campaign for a luxury leather backpack. The goal was to successfully fund my first production run, build a community of enthusiasts, and continue using crowdfunding to launch other products.
It took a year and a half to design, source materials, and find the right manufacturer to produce the prototypes and pre-production samples. A few days after launching the campaign, with only a few backers, I realized that no matter what I do to market my campaign, it was too late.
Even if I managed to collect 70% of the funding goal, the manufacturer could easily refuse any order that's less than their minimum production requirement, and even if the first campaign was 100% funded. I managed to cover the cost of the first production run, how can I fund additional production runs for the same backpack on the same crowdfunding marketplace. It wasn't possible!
I failed my campaign, and I was very disappointed! I realized that it's impossible to scale production through crowdfunding? I then decided to design a crowdfunding solution that solves this problem.
I decided to help individuals and startups to fund their ideas, launch and scale their brands through crowdfunding, directly from their Shopify stores.
In July 2018, Fundlify Crowdfunding was born.
Anas Alshanti - Founder
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