Our Story
In March 2017, I launched a crowdfunding campaign for a leather backpack to fund the first production run.
Unfortunately, the campaign ended and failed! I then realized that even if the campaign was fully funded, I would only be able to cover the cost of a single production run! but what next?
I believe that crowdfunding is one of the best ways to initially fund products and projects. But failing to successfully fund your campaign is a high risk! You can lose your customers' trust, your relations with your manufacturers & suppliers, your money and certainly your time, and potentially your brand!
Why go through that when you can easily assess the demand of your campaign before collecting payments!
But let's say that your campaign was fully funded! how many production runs would you be able to support? how are you going to scale your production capacity if your crowdfunding campaign can only support a single production run? 
And if your brand is about conscious sustainable consumption, how can you effectively produce based on actual demand and avoid production waste?
Finally, wouldn't it be great to do all that independently in your Shopify store and own the traffic you drive to your business?
In July 2018, Fundlify was born! A crowdfunding and pre-order solution that empowers creators, startups, and brands to independently crowdfund new ideas, projects, and on-demand sustainable production.
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